The Iowa Debate
Monday Dec. 13, 1999 at the Des Moines Civic Center in Des Moines, IA.  7:00-8:30 p.m. (CST). 

"Bush Tangles With McCain Over Campaign Financing" (New York Times)

"Latest debate is Republicans' roughest round so far" (USA Today)
"Bush improves; McCain talks tough in latest debate" (USA Today)

"Bush and McCain Clash" (Washington Post)

"McCain won't back subsidies for ethanol" (Washington Times)

"Ethanol issue stirs pot at lively Republican debate" (Des Moines Register)

New York Times--Front page article "Bush Tangles With McCain Over Campaign Financing" by Frank Bruni.  Article continues on page A20 where there are side by side Associated Press photos of Bush (w 3" x h 4 7/8"=14.625 and McCain (w 3 1/6" x h 4 7/8"=14.9297 [the same photos as on the front page of this section > but with the moderator cropped out].  Excerpts features exchanges between Bush and McCain on taxes and campaign finance reform with a bit from Keyes included as well.

USA Today--Small reference to debate article on page 10A appears at the end of a front page article on the campaign.  The article, by USA Today's Jill Lawrence and Judy Keen, runs across the top third of page 10A and is headlined "Latest debate is Republicans' roughest round so far" with the subhead "Camaraderie among candidates gives way to a little more criticism in Iowa."  Included is Reuters photo (w 3 1/2" x h 2 5/8"=9.1875 showing Bush between McCain and Hatch.  Part of the space is filled with results of a USA Today/CNN/Gallup horserace poll.

USA Today (different edition)--This edition had the same small front page reference to a debate article on page 10A.  The article, tagged News Analysis, had the headline "Bush improves; McCain talks tough in latest debate" and the subhead "Republican rivals discuss Iowa issues in roughest round of candidate clashes."  The accompanying photo by Eric Draper, AP showed the six candidates lined up before the debate (w 3 1/2" x h 2 5/8"=9.1875 The horserace poll filled the rest of the space.

Washington Post--Front page article on the fold.  Article by the Post's Dan Balz and David von Drehle has the headline "Bush and McCain Clash" and the sub head "Debate in Des Moines Reflects Intensifying Competition."  The continuation, on page A11 is headlined "Bush and McCain Tangle in Iowa GOP Debate" and is accompanied by an Eric Draper--Associated Press photo, a medium shot showing Keyes and Bush on the set (w 4 3/4" x h 3 1/4"=15.4375  [Article: 8.8125 column inches+27.7525 column inches=36.565 column inches].

Washington Times--Front page above the fold article.  Article by the Times' Bill Sammon, is headlined "McCain won't back subsidies for ethanol" and has the subhead "Bush defends aid to farmers in debate."  Continuation at the bottom of page A9.  No photos whatsoever.  [Article: 11.0 column inches+16.220 column inches=27.220 column inches].

Des Moines Register--Front page above-the-fold article and color photo.  Article by the Register's David Yepsen and Jonathan Roos has the bold headline "Ethanol issue stirs pot at lively Republican debate" and the subhead "McCain, Bush spar on subsidy."  Color photo by Mary Chind/The Register shows the candidates and moderators milling around on the stage after the debate.  Inset right below the photo, the candidates' responses to the "most influential political philosopher" question are bulleted.  Debate coverage continues on the top three-quarters of page 4a with: the continuation of the front page article; an article by the Register's John McCormick "Attentive voters watch, listen, pick or ponder" focusing on reactions to the debate and accompanied by a Gary Fandel/The Register photo showing Bush supporters at his airport arrival; color commentary on the scene outside the Civic Center by the Register's Rob Borsellino "Real show stoppers found far from debate stage;" very brief synopses of each candidate's main points in "Candidates set forth key points."  At the top of the page was another campaign-related article "Foes: McCain downplays role in Iowa" and an inset on the Louisiana Caucuses.

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