This Calls for Reform!

Thirty Six Days of Uncertainty




Interested Groups

Election Night Coverage

Professional, Academic, and Other Interested Parties
Commissions and task forces have weighed in with various recommendations.
President Bush accepted the report of the National Commission on Federal Election Reform from former President Carter and former House Minority Leader Robert Michel on July 31, 2001.
-Common Cause Education Fund report (November 6, 2001).
-Election Reform Information Project report
(October 22, 2001).
-U.C. Berkeley report
(September 2001).
-National Conference of State Legislatures task force report
(August 14, 2001).
-Election Center task force report
(August 9, 2001).
-Constitution Project report
(August 2, 2001).
-National Commission on Federal Election Reform report
(July 31, 2001).
-Caltech/MIT Voting Technology Project report
(mid-July 2001).
-National Association of Counties/National Commission on Election Standards and Reform
(June 26, 2001).
DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe launched the
party's Voting Rights Institute on May 1
in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.


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