Gore/Lieberman, Inc.

"Rostros de Norte America" ("Faces of North America")
30 sec. TV spot  run starting Oct. 16, 2000.

EMM Creative of Bethesda, MD 
(Pablo Izquierdo)

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[Music: National Anthem on Spanish guitar over electronic ambiance]
Mujer de Edad Mediana: He llegado lejos. 

Un Doctor: 匬ero queda mucho por hacer... 

Estudiante Universitario: 卌osas por aprender?/font>

Chryon: "Empleo hispano, sin precedente en los últimos 8 años"

Carpintero:  ?Estoy superándome?/font>

Mujer de Mediana Edad: 匬ero tengo necesidades?/font>

Mujer:  匭uiero más oportunidades?/font>

Chyron: "Universidad a su alcance"

Anciano: 卻entirme que por lo menos estoy seguro?/font>

Mujer de Mediana Edad:  匔ual sera el futuro de mis hijos??/font>

Niños de edad escolar:  匶o soy America?nbsp;

Joven Adulto:  匳oy por buen camino?/font>

Hombre de Edad Mediana:  匬ero me ira mejor!?/font>

Joven Adulta:  匬or eso mi voto es por Gore.

Chyron: " Al Gore luchará por nosotros."
[Music up]

[Music: National Anthem on Spanish guitar over electronic ambiance]
Female Executive:  We have come far...
Male Doctor:  ...but there is more to accomplish...
Male College Student:  ...things to learn...
Chyron: "In the last eight years, record Hispanic employment"
Male Carpenter:  ...I am improving every day...
Housewife:  ...but...I have needs...
Female Hotel Worker:  ...I want more opportunities...
Chyron: "Making college affordable"
Retired Male Mechanic:  ...I want to feel secure in life...
Mom:  ...what will the future hold for my children?
School Kids:  ...I am America...
Male College Graduate:  ...I'm on the right track...
Male Plumber:  ...but I can do better...
"Gen N" Mom:  ...that is why I'm voting for Gore.
[Music up]

Background: This ad has an aspirational message in contrast to the more issue-based ads produced by Armando Gutierrez for the DNC.  Izquierdo said the ad goes to the issue of likeability; Bush was having some success portraying himself as a man of the people and the campaign needed to address that.  EMM hired a casting agency in Los Angeles and told them to find likely Gore voters.  The people who appeared in the ad were chosen from 300-350 video clips.